About Us

Scoopy Doo’s is located conveniently in downtown Milford, CT by the harbor on 37 Helwig Street.


We open for our annual season around spring break for Milford public schools, this is about mid April. We typically close late September to early October.

All hours are weather permitting if you have any doubts about us being open please call us at (203)882-8009.

Scoopy Doo’s serves Milford’s very own Buck’s French ice creams with pride. We carry over eighty different flavors of ice cream, gelato, sorbet, sherbet, and yogurts. We also carry soft serve vanilla, chocolate, and swirl. We carry dairy free ice creams(Tofutti). As a precaution and to help our patrons we separate our nut flavors from the others and use different scoops. At Scoopy Doo’s we work our hardest in making sure the customer get what he or she wants and is completely satisfied. We only ask that you enjoy your visit.